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Extended Warranties

car financeWhat are extended warranties? All new vehicles in South Africa are sold with a manufacturer's warranty and the terms and durations of these warranties may vary widely.  The vehicle is usually covered for all manufacturer defects and unforeseen failures for the duration of the warranty period, provided the vehicle is maintained according to its maker's specifications.

An extended warranty can bring you peace of mind if you buy a used vehicle and the warranty is about to expire. Many people would not consider taking the risk of buying a vehicle with no warranty coverage at all.  The ideal solution would be an extended warranty of which the cost is spread over the life of the vehicle loan.

This is exactly what Refin Cars can offer you.  Our extended warranty is available upon refinancing your car with us, covering all major components like the drive train, engine, transmission and electrical system for up to two years with no mileage restriction.  What is more, this extended warranty comes into effect the very day your manufacturer's warranty expires, so you do not have to worry about activating it or driving without warranty cover.

Now you can drive with complete peace of mind with the knowledge that your vehicle is covered if something goes wrong.

2-Year Extended Warranties

car financeSome new cars' manufacturer's warranties are valid for five years and sometimes even longer, covering these vehicles against unforeseen failures for up to 150,000 km or more.  It is extremely easy to forget about a warranty until it expires.  This may be a costly problem when you are buying used and there is little or no warranty coverage left on the vehicle.

Refin Cars can offer you a 2-year extended warranty as an option when you refinance. This means that you will never have to drive without cover for two years, unlimited mileage.  The breaking of any mechanical component or the burning out of any electrical component arising from a mechanical or electrical defect (necessitating repair or replacement) are covered under this extended warranty.  Please refer to the “Components Covered” section of your warranty document to see which components are covered.

The cost of this coverage is spread over the life of your refinancing loan.

Truck Warranties

car financeExtended truck warranties are available to people refinancing commercial vehicles at Refin Cars.  These warranties are ideal if you are purchasing a second-hand truck or commercial vehicle that may no longer be covered under the original manufacturer's warranty.

Our truck warranty is called the Octane Pre-Owned Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Policy and it can be purchased upon refinancing your commercial vehicle, so the cost of the warranty is spread out over the life of the vehicle's loan period.  The coverage plan types vary according to the vehicles' age, mileage and gross mass.  It covers the electrical system in case of the burning out of a component and the mechanical system in case of the breaking of a component; either of which causes a breakdown and necessitates a repair or replacement.

Please refer to the “Components Covered” section of your warranty documentation to view the extent of the coverage.