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Private Sellers

Finance for private car sales is not a new concept, but Refin Cars has put an innovative spin on it, because we approach it from a sales perspective. 

We want to conclude the deal as quickly as possible for both seller and buyer.  To this end, we offer a comprehensive service that includes:

  • Trade-in assistanceprivate sellers
  • Deal structuring
  • Quick approvals
  • Same-day pay-outs
  • AA bookings for the compulsory 101-point check and roadworthy test


Our process has been designed to assist you to sell or buy a vehicle privately with the minimum of hassle for both parties.  However, there are some guidelines, so do take note of the simple transaction procedure:


  • The seller and buyer have to agree on a mutually satisfactory price for the vehicle
  • The buyer downloads our online finance application form and applies for finance
  • When the buyer's finance is approved, the seller has to submit the vehicle to an approved technical centre for a roadworthy test and a 101-point check to ensure that the vehicle is fully roadworthy.  Both these tests can be done at any of 53 AA Test Centres countrywide at a cost of only R450, inclusive of VAT.
  • After all of these requirements have been met, Refin Cars will contact the buyer for the signing of the contract and delivery of the vehicle can then take place.  The client, however, will be responsible for the licensing of the vehicle.

Trained FAIS-accredited business managers will be on hand to advise the buyer on the finance options available to them, as well as a range of value-added products.

Finance a private car through Refin Cars today.  We already boast the highest approval rate in the industry because we take the headache out of buying or selling a private vehicle.

Simply click here for our online application form